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Programs and Class Schedules

Art in Action

Art in Action emerged as a response to Native and Latino youth concerns from disadvantaged communities who want guidance and resources to produce multimedia through music and video. The media that is produced will confront the root causes of substance abuse, emotional distress and violence while also exploring specific ways these particular elements afflict our culture, communities and us as a whole.

The media produced by Art in Action will promote messages of balance, harmony and wellness and encourage collective transformation. Art in Action directly responds to community needs by advocating and educating for drug free life styles, clean living, violence-free living and provides substance abuse prevention/intervention services through the duration of the program .

The mission of Art in Action is to bring together talented young artists to collaborate on informational and educational media. The media will be publicized at Art in Action events and will be made available for various public and private functions as a way of bringing communities together and into action.

Art in Action provides alternatives to negative influences by providing resources for professional multimedia development. Through the program, participants will have an opportunity to research topics, storyboard, write, direct, act, film, edit, produce music, write lyrics, and record. The media project is a collaborative effort of Holistic Wellness Counseling & Consulting Services, En Haus Group LLC and Desert Eagle Productions.

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