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Team's Bio

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Miguel Flores Jr., LISAC,CSOTS

Chief Executive Office

Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor, Arizona

Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist

Acu-Detox Certified


I am a proud member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe and Tohono O’odham Nation, husband, father, artist, healer, counselor and teacher.


For the past 28 years, I have provided Spiritual Leadership and Traditional Medicine for the Tohono O’odham and Yaqui. I have a 34 year career in behavioral health providing services for The People, particularly youth. As the CEO and owner of my own business, Holistic Wellness Counseling & Consultant Services, I am able to coordinate a team of traditional healers, acupuncturist, counselors and artists.


Our goal is to assist Native American and Latino men, women and youth in developing healthy and holistic lifestyles by achieving harmony and balance in areas of:


Mental Health - healthy self-esteem, communication with self, Creator, and others, and joy in living


Physical Health - developing life-long healthy habits including healthy and more traditional eating and exercise patterns, and disease prevention


Spiritual Health – grateful hearts, appreciation of creation, respect for self and others, learning about their tribal/ethnic culture, history, and ceremonies, and self-expression through art and music, and healthy laughter


Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Chronic Illness: My philosophy is that youth join gangs and /or use drugs or adapt problem behaviors for similar reasons: self-acceptance, safety, and belonging. For Native youth, it is particularly important to address these issues in a culturally relevant way. I believe that once youth come to an understanding of who they are culturally, spiritually, mentally, and physically, they will develop a positive self-image, appreciate their identity, and find a vision of their life’s journey. That leads to making better decisions about their lives. Someone who does not respect him/herself is not likely to respect others or plan for a productive future. It is with this positive approach that I hope to help youth prevent STDS and chronic illness, respect themselves and their bodies, and regard all living things as sacred.


Focus – Prevention and intervention for clients with problems or potential problems in such areas as: substance abuse, mental health, cultural and personal identity, relationships, prevention of STDs, self-esteem, anger management and healthy expression of emotions, love of education, motivation to work, and healthy living as a way of life.


Currently, We provide prevention, behavioral health, and traditional services for the Tucson Area Office Behavioral Health Program, the Desert Visions Youth Regional Treatment Center in Sacaton, Arizona, and the Division of Behavioral Health, Tohono O’odham Nation.


It is an honor to work with Carlos Gonzales, M.D. (Yaqui) at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine. We provide a biannual cultural diversity and educational experience for incoming medical students. The goal of the event is to provide participants with information about alternative medicine and cultural healing to address chronic illnesses. We try to open eyes to cultural diversity so that these future physicians will be more aware and respectful when treating multi-cultural patients.


I also collaborate with Arizona State University - School of Social Work providing consultation for graduate social work students who are interested in learning a holistic approach to healing and wellness (Mind, Body, and Spirit).


Networking & Boards


• Community Advisory Board, University of Arizona/Northern Arizona University/Dine College, Center for American Indian Resilience (CAIR)


  Chairman for American Indian Research Center for Health (AIRCH), University of Arizona


• Chairman for Arizona Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention (NACP), Community Action Committee, Outreach Core


• Chairman for Tohono O’odham Caner Partnership


• Co-Chair for Diverse Voices in Prevention (DVIP), Pima County Community Prevention Coalition


• Member of the Amistades Substance Abuse Coalition


• Representative for Southern Arizona Tribes for the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention Tribal Well-being Convening’s


• Faculty, Native American Public Health into Medicine Course, University of Arizona


• Faculty, NACP Cross Cultural Training Curriculum, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University


• Faculty, NARTC American Indian Research Center for Health, University of Arizona


• Participant Engagement Board Member, All of Us, Precision Medicine Initiative


• All Of Us Native American Community Advisory Committee,

University of Arizona


Ambassador, All of Us National Program, National Institute of Health


Member Bio-Specimen Policy Task Force, National Institute of Health


Member AOU Research Access Board, National Institute of Health


• Involving Native Stakeholders in Pain Research Efforts (INSPIRE) Steering Committee Member,

Northern Arizona University


• Active member of the Tohono O’odham Community Suicide Prevention Network


• Provide consultation for the Sells Service Unit / Tohono O’odham Nation monthly 

Child Team Meeting that includes healthcare professionals from a variety of agencies and schools.


• Provide individual, family, couples’ and group psychotherapy for youth and adults with a focus on wellness, trauma & loss, sobriety, suicide prevention, and living with chronic pain.


• Conduct assessments and provide counseling and prevention services for the Pediatric Developmental Clinics, Sells Service Unit and San Xavier Clinic


• Develop and provide activities for youth including campouts, movies, cultural/spiritual ceremonies, arts & crafts, sports, and entertainment. The focus is a holistic approach to developing a lifestyle of fun, work, and wellness to prevent substance abuse, behavioral health problems, STDs, and chronic illness and to promote physical and spiritual wellness.


• Create and coordinate Mural projects: Sells Service Unit Hospital and Clinics (to promote a sense of pride, cultural identity, and comfort to patients with chronic and debilitating physical disorders such as diabetes); Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind and Sells Juvenile Detention Center. The Murals are designed and painted by the youth themselves with on-going oversight. The sessions provide team-building skills, inter-personal communication skills, and cultural/spiritual insights to support healthy, sober lifestyles.

Jerry Olivas, M.Ed

Vice President of Operations

Behavioral Management Specialist

Rodolfo Calvillo

Vice President of Business Development

Prevention Specialist

Mr. Calvillo strives to maintain awareness and open lines of communication with existing clients, while developing new opportunities with coalitions and behavioral health entities throughout Southern Arizona and the Southwest. In this small Native American / Latino business enterprise, he is also a driving force in the prevention efforts on underage drinking (UAD) issues impacting our youth, with an overall focus on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD),.

Prior to joining HWCCS Calvillo served as the Prevention Coordinator, at Amistades, Inc., (Amistades Substance Abuse Coalition), a DFC Grantee in Tucson, AZ; where Rodolfo was the Project Coordinator for the REGALOS parenting program responsible to organize and implement the Strengthening Multi-Ethnic Families and Communities (SMEFC) Prevention program. Rodolfo recruited parents, registered them, worked on retention strategies, provided case management, and co-facilitated the 13-week 3 hour (Spanish speaking) classes. He also headed up the PADRES group (cohort 1 graduates) and providing capacity building opportunities for them, as well as, engaging them in community involvement initiatives.

Mr. Calvillo reignited his passion in substance abuse issues impacting youth and families in Arizona as a Prevention Specialist (2007-10) with Pinal Hispanic Council in Eloy, AZ and an active member of the Eloy Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs, Casa Grande Alliance, Coolidge Youth Coalition, Florence Anti-Substance Abuse Coalition, and Superior Substance Abuse Coalition. He worked on the Tres Pueblos Tri-Community Project (Tres Pueblos) which was an Arizona Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF/SIG); which is how he became associated with coalitions, as an active partner in the Tres Pueblos Project along with Casa Grande Alliance, Coolidge Youth Coalition, and the Eloy Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs. Tres Pueblos was one of the eleven coalitions statewide spearheading Governor Napolitano’s Draw the Line / ¡hasta aqui! Underage Drinking Campaign which kicked off October 29, 2007. Rodolfo worked primarily with providers, community members, and community stakeholders.

He was a co-presenter on Social Host Ordinance enactments in Washington, DC, at the Alcohol Policy 15, in December, 2010, a presenter in Louisville, KY June 2006, a presenter in El Paso, TX at the Border Alliance Conference in June, 2009. He has served as keynote speaker and presenter at numerous events throughout Southern Arizona on the Draw the Line / ¡hasta aqui! Underage Drinking Campaign; Social Host and Unruly Gatherings Ordinances enactments. He has been an active proponent and participant of the DEA’s National Prescription Drug Take Back Events in the Tucson area since October 2010.

Mr. Calvillo also conducted two cohorts (2009 / 2010) of Pinal County Court diverted DUI offenders for mandatory DUI Classes on week nights and week-ends as necessary. Rodolfo enhanced an existing curriculum to include recently enacted Social Host and Unruly Gatherings Ordinances / local laws and defensive driving techniques. The course consisted of 16 hours / 8 two hour sessions, for which the attendees were personally responsible for successful completion and payment in lieu of a more aggressive fine or penalty.

In 1975, he began his career in the area of substance abuse, overseeing an Alcohol / DUI Diversion Program in Santa Clara County, CA, as Project Director, with El Mundo Resources and Management Systems Inc., in San Jose, CA.

Rodolfo, unfortunately, understands the devastation that comes with underage drinking left unchecked; having lived with the aftermath of losing an eighteen year old son to UAD in 1988.

Antonio Pazos, BHT

Cultural Arts Specialist

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